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answers i think..

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. On-It. I have some serious questions for her.

After doing a bit of research, I’ve found that “coasting” (staving off ovulation while waiting for my estrogen levels to drop in an attempt to decrease my chances for OHSS*) results in poor embryo quality and decreased ability for embryos to implant. I strongly suspect this is what happened.

“It has been reported that while PC (prolonged coasting) virtually eliminates the risk of life-endangering complications associated with OHSS, the price is often a poorer fertilization rate and reduced embryo implantation potential, compromising the pregnancy. However, we demonstrated that such egg/embryo quality issues are preventable through careful adherence to our coasting protocol. For example, when PC is initiated too soon (when <50% of follicles have attained 14 mm in mean diameter) or too late (when >50% of the follicles are greater than 16 mm in mean diameter), egg/embryo quality will be compromised.” Quoted from here.

I started PC when more than 50% of my eggs were greater than 16…

There’s gotta be an answer in here somewhere for me.


2 comments on “answers i think..

  1. Monika
    December 21, 2010

    So is it possible to forgo the coasting process or at least to keep this phase as short as possible to get a better outcome?
    I really hope so and I hope that Dr. On-it is open to this. Thanks for explainig all this in detail. It must be hard to do so. Being uninformed ART-wise myself does not mean that I am not taking interest in your process. I hope you know… and that I appreciate your ARTducation ;-).
    Take care, ma chere!


  2. liberationtheory
    December 21, 2010

    I can’t forgo coasting if my estrogen levels shoot up too fast. If I don’t coast, but continue the gonadotropins, my levels will go up even higher and I can get Ovary HyperStimulation Syndrome. There are serious consequences for that– blood clots in lungs, etc. As it was, I had a pretty mild case, I gained like 7 lbs in a few days due to water retention etc.

    One way I can prevent it is to have lower dosages of meds to begin with. The problem with that is that I was already on the lowest dose and my eggs didn’t respond to it. I needed a higher dose for them to respond.

    So I’m kind of stuck about what my options are. I’m definitely going to bring this up at my appointment on Thursday.


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