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2010 wrap up

A few hours before MY year 2011 and I figure now is as good as any time to have a better update.

Our trip to Cali to see my family was pretty good. I got to spend time with my two new nieces– 1 turned 1 yrs old on Christmas Eve Eve (the 23rd) and one was just 6 weeks old. I was worried that I would feel jealous about my sister having the new baby, but instead I fell in love with baby A (yes, another A. My sister is an A too :)). All the baby goodness– thumb-sucking, grunts, sleep, cuddling– was just awesome. My sister even surprised the wife and I and informed us on our way out the door to the airport that we are her god-parents. I am extremely touched and will be planning her dedication ceremony for the summer. My sister also gave me tips on building a fertility shrine and I can’t wait to get started.

On the parental front, mom was her same self *rolls eyes* but this time I didn’t give in to the guilt/emotional manipulation. That’s another blog for another time.

LA loooooooved playing with her cousins and uncles and aunts. She wrestled and played basketball, was bitten by her cousin and wracked up on Christmas gifts. To say she had a great time is an understatement. My baby girl also did a LOT of growing up this break!!

  • She’s using pull-ups and making it to the toilet way more than accidents. We’re not quite there yet with her telling us in advance that she has to use the bathroom, but she holds it until we take her. Even poo!!!
  • No more bottles. She didn’t ask for it day 2 of the trip and we sure didn’t offer (she only used it for nap and bedtime anyway). She used to wake up during the night asking for one and so far, still no requests!!
  • We’ve pretty much given up with getting her to sleep in her bed for now. Point blank- we’re tired. Co-sleeping is going fine now that she’s not waking up asking for a bottle. We’ll try re-introducing her to her own bed later. We’ll just count that as a parent fail for now.
  • Since we’re on to pull-ups, no more washing cloth diapers. YIPEEEEE. This is a parent win for us! You all have no idea how many diapers we wash a week! And considering that each load has to be double-washed, we had laundry coming out of our ears. So another YIPEEEEE for potty-training.

So 2010, there has been a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes it seems like more downs than ups, but I’m so so glad that 2011 is coming. I’m not quite sure what it’s going to look like but I’m just happy for new hope. I’m hoping that this relaxing break from work is a sign of what’s more to come.


2 comments on “2010 wrap up

  1. Nostalgia
    December 31, 2010

    Happy 2011! 😉


  2. halfadozen
    January 1, 2011

    Happy new years! I hope that this year brings you immeasuable joy, and of course, another little one! Looking forward to continuing to follow your journeys with you… and btw, I don’t think that co-sleeping counts as a parenting “fail” at all. As long as you like it and are on board with it, it is can be really wonderful (that being said, I do enjoy the nights with just J and I in the bed!)
    Big hugs from here!xx


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