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101 in 1001

I’m jumping on the bandwagon as well and am writing 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days. I’ve only gotten up to 57 so far ( I started about an hour or so before New Years).

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Have a baby (or two)

2. Start my PhD

9. Wear dresses everyday for a month

12. Start yoga

13. Renew vows in a tropical place

14. Visit Italy

21. Take my wife on a romantic vacation

23. Go to a shooting range

26. See Rocky Horror Picture Show

28. Have a naughty/taboo sexual encounter with the wife

42. Go on an overnight hotel getaway ALONE

44. Organize a cousins’ reunion

Is anyone else doing this? Even if you’re not, what are some of your personal goals?


    4 comments on “101 in 1001

    1. Hersandhers
      January 1, 2011

      I started this last year but kind of slacked off. I need to pick it back up.
      Shooting range is a good one. I need to add that to my list after I get settled in my new apartment!


      • liberationtheory
        January 1, 2011

        I can’t wait until you blog about how you’ve decorated your apartment because you always have the best ideas!

        Yes, do share some of your ideas for 101 🙂


    2. VinyRenee
      January 1, 2011

      Never heard of this but I like it! Good list!

      Never got around to jotting my intentions down- gonna work on it today. However, one was to begin practicing yoga and meditation. This morning I went to a meditation session and I’m currently waiting for my Intro to Yoga class begin!


      • liberationtheory
        January 1, 2011

        I love, love, love meditation. I need to put that on my list too. Any recommendations for places for the intro yoga class?

        Sounds like your year is off to the perfect start!


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