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hair update

I was recently asked in my formspring how my hair was doing. So far, I have ZERO regrets about relaxing it. It’s doing all the things I wanted it to do (moisture, ease, manageability, less breakage) and it’s even retaining length. Though it may not be as visible to others, it looks as though I have at least an inch growth in there.

Notice my ends are more filled in and I’m a true bra-strap length. Some of my wispy ends are reaching waistlength, but it’s not the majority yet. As importantly, the front of my hair is getting close to shoulder length and beyond. That’s where I’ve had the most breakage and it was only slightly past ear length at best. I won’t post those pics here until I take them with more than my undergarments showing, but just trust me on that one 🙂

And look! A non-ttc/ivf/infertility post. Go me!

ETA: Those are size 6 jeans on the left that I had to belt. On the right are my size 3/4s. Woohoo!


5 comments on “hair update

  1. Autumn
    January 2, 2011

    Have you done any curly styles? If you do, post pics when you can. 🙂


    • liberationtheory
      January 2, 2011

      My hair doesn’t hold a curl well, so I’m still experimenting. I was able to do an ultra curly style using setting lotion and soft rollers but it was a bit too curly for my liking.


  2. Monika
    January 2, 2011

    Love your hair! I just cut mine off (had thinnig and breakage) and can’t wait to grow it back. How do you retain length and promote growth? And how do you manage to lose two dress sizes in one month? Hats off!!
    By the way all the best for 2011, ma chere! 🙂


    • liberationtheory
      January 2, 2011

      Honestly, I had lots of breakage too over the years. I guess the only saving grace was that I was natural, but once it reached that length (like almost 3 years ago) it pretty much stayed b/c of the gradual breakage.

      I know the culprit was not enough regular moisturizing and sealing of my ends and using crap conditioner. Over these month, what’s worked for me was regular moisturizing and sealing, low manipulation (not a lot of combing and brushing between washes), minimal heat (just blow dry or flat iron on wash day but not in between), and I try to keep my ends tucked in a bun or something.

      We’ll see how this regimen goes as the months go by. My hair hasn’t retained length in a loooong time so I’m happy to see that relaxing was a good option for me.


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