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Parenting question update

LA woke up this morning with no coughing so we sent her to daycare.

Then they called at noon saying that she’s been vomiting and not even keeping water down. I left work and took her to the dr bc we were genuinely concerned.

We get to the dr and she’s playing in the waiting room, barely coughing and drinking water fine. He examines her and says there’s no sign of a bug, ear infection, strep or bronchitis. He tells us to keep giving her honey (already have been doing), saline for her nose (already started 2 days ago), and let her sip water. He also gave us a note that she can go back to school.

After all that, there’s nothing wrong with the girl and we have been doing everything right.

And that confirmation cost $135 because he doesn’t take insurance and is out of network. SMH. This is the 3rd time we’ve taken her to only find out our suspicions were correct and we were already doing the right thing.

Thank God for flex spending.


One comment on “Parenting question update

  1. Chocolate Mama
    January 7, 2011

    Glad to see she’s doing ok, and it’s always like that! They’re soooooo sick one minute and miraculously you walk into the doctor’s office and they’re fine, with the doctor looking at you like you’re a hypochondriac. LOL

    (and thanks for the comments today!)


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