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tale of two cities

We live in the NYC metro area but while I work in NJ, A works in NYC. As a result, me and LA have the day off from school due to the snow storm. A doesn’t. Not even a delayed start. It sucks because it took her so long to get to work today and I know that plenty of other teachers are calling out because it’s difficult to get in from where they live. Plus, I know parents are keeping their kids at home. I wonder how much of NYC’s decision NOT to cancel school was about preserving ego over safety.

Even still, I’m going to be productive today. I have about 50 short stories to read and grade. LA is going to stick to her regular school schedule as close to possible. I’ll also try to have something yummy for A when she gets home.

As much as I hate to admit because I’m still pining for TX, this is another perk of living in NJ besides the mandated IVF coverage.

Oh, how about this– the local public school misspelled “Wednesday” on their website. And we wonder what’s wrong with education, especially for black, brown and poor children. Yes I did take a picture.


2 comments on “tale of two cities

  1. Pomegranate
    January 12, 2011

    Chicago won’t close its schools. The PR? They say education is important. The reality? There’s a lot of city employees who have kids in public schools. If they shut the schools down, they’re shutting the city down because all those cops and snow plow operators will be calling in to take care of their kids. When the weather is bad, you can drop your kids off at any school, not necessarily the one they attend. Babysitters with education degrees? Check.


    • liberationtheory
      January 12, 2011

      I actually taught in Chicago my very first year teaching and remember the one or two snow days that happened. But it was bad snow, like more than 18 inches. I guess in comparison 8 inches is nothing.

      I think Bloomberg didn’t close schools here for the same reason- it would shut down the city because everyone would have to care for their kids.

      As a parent, I would not want to drop my kid off at a school they didn’t attend! Crazy. And LA is in private daycare so that’s not even an option.


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