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i give up

I’m so tired of being optimistic. Yes this is one of those days and maybe you should leave now.

I’ve been doing opks. No second line. Guess what? Surge tonight. On CD10. — strike 1

Can’t find my damn RE consent form for the new cryobank which we need to go pick up sperm. Don’t know when I can get them to sign another one. Doubt it’ll be in time– strike 2

Went for my results from the January meeting the RE’s in the practice had about me. Also to get results from thrombo panel. Dr was behind and didn’t even have my updated info in my chart. Said she was going to have them send it electronically from the other office location. I had to go back to work. She said she’d call me. Haven’t heard shit from them.– strike 3

So I’m spermless, resultless, and in about 48 hours, going to be eggless which adds up to what, ladies and gentlemen? Babyless.





4 comments on “i give up

  1. autumn
    March 4, 2011

    *I was here* (((hugs)))


  2. Pomegranate
    March 4, 2011

    this too shall pass.

    no need to be optimistic. it’s okay to wallow. but it WILL get better.


  3. Monika
    March 5, 2011

    I am here. You are wonderful.


  4. halfadozen
    March 5, 2011

    we’ve had those cycles too– where you feel like you are going to get it all lined up just in the nick of time and then WHAM. Some force– bureaucratic, or otherwise– basically takes it all from you. I am so sorry. I understand your frustration. your rage. And I feel those things for you, alongside you.
    I send you hugs. I can’t wait ’till we reminisce about these days. When our families are complete and we write comments encouraging each other along in other ways… xx


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