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breath of fresh air

Guess what? I met with a new RE today and I’m so so relieved. My wife took the morning off and we had an almost 2 hour consultation with a practice that’s actually right down the street from the old RE. This new place is rated higher on the NJ list of best IVF clinics and all the doctors are female (not that it always makes a difference). Even better, the nurse coordinator went through fertility treatments herself so she is so sympathetic and easy to talk to.

The doctor was very thorough and right off the bat, starting suggesting the things that I suspected we should be doing. She didn’t have my charts yet from the old RE place but she suggested (as I already know) that I am responding like a PCOS patient though it’s obvious I don’t have it. She also said the prolonged time on birth control is good (I’m about to start pack #2 with no menstrual break in between). She also suggested that we might go with metformin to improve egg quality, exactly what my research is suggesting. Finally, she says that she’ll keep me at low dose of gonal-f and even if it seems that I’m slow to respond to it, it’s okay because it beats over-responding and sometimes the long start is good for priming the ovaries. She also said that she’s going to avoid over-responding and if it looked like that, we’d go hard with it and then do a FET (frozen embryo transfer) or just accept that I’ll have to be hospitalized for OHSS which is better long term than creating more duds.

The part that I loved the best was this part “we don’t have ‘protocols.’ Each woman is different and we design a regimen that works for HER.” There are some more minor tests I have to do (she was appalled at all the other tests I had to take which seemed unnecessary). I have to get an androgen level test to further probe into the PCOS. I also have to do a fasting glucose test to see how pre-diabetic I am or not (insulin resistance with pcos). But they’re accepting all the other labs and tests from the old RE. When she gets those records, we’ll set a stim date!!

Here is the bonus. She said she wanted to do a trial transfer right then and I got scared because of last week’s fiasco with the biopsy. She was surprised by the whole ordeal for obvious reasons, but also because I never had to be medicated for IUS nor do most of her patients require medication for transfers (though I did). She also asked why didn’t they do the biopsy during the hysteroscopy WHICH I ASKED FOR?

We agreed that she would try one time and if it hurt she wouldn’t try again. I was super nervous because I hadn’t taken any meds. WHY DID IT NOT HURT AT ALL? It was a teensy bit uncomfortable but once she was in, it was fine. SMH. I’m not even mad though. I’m chalking it up to that horror pushed me to make a better decision overall.

So that’s that! I will think of new pseudonyms for this practice in subsequent blogs.


3 comments on “breath of fresh air

  1. Autumn
    April 8, 2011

    Right on! đŸ˜€

    Dr. Do Right is in the house!

    Great news to start off a great weekend!


  2. Jess
    April 9, 2011

    Now that sounds like a doctor who is looking out for YOU. I still can’t believe the ordeal you had to go though last week.

    You are so strong and I’m glad you have a strong wife to take care of you and be there for you too.


  3. Kristina Kent
    April 10, 2011

    Good for you for taking charge of your care. So glad you found Dr. Gentle!


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