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Guess who decided to come back today?

MY PERIOD. It’s been officially 76 days since my last real period. To catch you up if you haven’t been following this ttc saga– I went on birth control 76 days ago to suppress my system to prepare for IVF 2.0. I was supposed to go about 5 weeks on it. During week 5, I got regular spotting/light period for a week. Then a weird not quite period for another week. This is all while on the pill and not doing the “off” week.

During that time I switched REs (see the blog lingo to the right). After the 2 weeks of bleeding she instructed me to come off the pill. She said we’ll start over when I get a normal period. I’ve been waiting for my period for about 5 weeks since then with several period-like symptoms (but no blood).

FINALLY I can go in for my day 3 baseline measurements (ultrasound and bloodwork). What sucks is that I’ll have to go back on birth control and won’t be able to start stims for ANOTHER MONTH. In the meantime, my insurance is switching and I’m not sure if they’re going to approve me for IVF right away (it is covered though when they deem you’re a candidate) or if I’ll have to do more IUIs. Or if I’ll do COBRA and keep my current insurance until IVF works..

Such is the life! For once, I’m not entirely stressed about it. It’ll work somehow!


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