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my values: RYL Day 3

“When we see God in each other we will be able to live in peace.” Mother Teresa

Today’s exercise was a lot less emotional, yet still important. I had to list my values and then prioritize my top 10. Here they are, also with some of my “runner ups”:

1. Freedom                6. Security

2. God                         7. Family

3. Peace                      8. Empowerment

4. Love                        9. Safety

5. Self                          10. Health

Select Runner Ups:

11. Fellowship

12. Growth

13. Service

Again, I find it interesting that work and other obligations aren’t on my list directly (yet some of my values are reflected in my work), yet so much of my time goes into areas that aren’t a priority to me.

I remember earlier in the school year the concept about “big rocks.” The idea is that each of us has “big rocks” that are the most important things to us. If nothing else, we put those “big rocks” in our cup and then fill in the extra space with the sand, gravel, less important things. It was pitched to us that when we teach, we should be aware of the “big rocks” of our content area so that students can have that over-arching take-away skill or knowledge. But as I think the analogy applies to our personal lives as well. I want to spend this next phase of my life concentrating on my “big rocks” more than I do the sand and gravel in my life.


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