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Life Map and Narrative– RYL Days 6 and 7

Over the past few days I’ve completed two more 31 Day Reset Your Life challenges. The first one, creating a Life Map, is reminiscent of a Science of Mind exercise as well as one in Girl Get Your Money Straight. Still it was unique in the categories that it included and how the previous days’ exercises built up to it. It helped solidify the areas that I’m already going strong in (namely education and partially career), as well as pointed out the areas in which my vision isn’t so clear. For example, I know how I want family, relationship, and health to feel but I’m not so sure about what it would look like.

The next exercise involved us writing a narrative of what our ideal life would be if it were the present. Instead of “I want to” statements, we were encouraged to write “I am” statements. I had a LOT of fun with this one and discovered some truths that perhaps I’ve been trying to bury. For example, I’m always talking about my ideal place to live is down South. That’s because of the low cost of living and great weather. What I can’t stand is the highly religious (different from spiritual) focus and narrowed perspectives. Through this exercise I was willing to admit that perhaps I would like to live in California again if money weren’t an object and I could get through my family anxiety. I have never, ever allowed myself to entertain that desire since I left when I was 17, almost 16 years ago.

Another aspect of the RYL challenge that I’ve been enjoying is how it’s reacquainted me with paper and pen after many years away. I used to journal the old-fashioned way diligently since I was 12. Though I’ve been blogging regularly since 2004/5, joining the trying to conceive community over the past 3 years has really tipped the scales away from journaling on paper.

Once again, these exercises have been on the money. I look forward to what Day 8 brings. In the meantime, I actually have a TTC update post coming soon 🙂


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