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Day 10 Bucket List– RYL

I’ve gotten behind with the Reset Your Life challenge and am working to continue prioritizing it. This week I’m in DC on an end of the year trip with my students and didn’t bring my laptop (the shock and horror), so I’m attempting to stay caught up via my iPhone.

Challenge: Write a “bucket list” of things you would like to accomplish if there were only 6 months left until you “kicked the bucket.”

1- Visit an ashram in India
2- Visit West Africa
3- Have my genealogy and family DNA traced.
4- Write letters to my loved ones
5- Write a book of lessons for LA
6- Tell my truth to my family
7-Learn to sing in front of a crowd
8- Deliver a sermon
9- Move to the country/woods
10- Have a cousins’ retreat
11- KSSS
12- Visit my grandparents’ graves
13- Write a book
14- Dance
15- Adopt/sponsor a family

It’s interesting and revealing to me that so many things I previously wanted to accomplish simply don’t matter as much if there were little time left. I realize that a lot of things that are important to me are about legacy and service. They’re also about connection to Spirit and family. I guess when the chips are down, the physical just isn’t as important.


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This entry was posted on June 14, 2011 by in faith and spirituality.

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