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rewinding back to day 11- RYL

Last week I was away in DC with my students and didn’t have computer access, so I wasn’t able to do the Day 11 exercise which was to go to a website and eliminate a belief. I must admit, I was skeptical. How can I eliminate a belief that’s been haunting me for 32 years be eliminated in less than an hour? I mean really, look at me! I’ve been to therapy, church, meditation groups, how could this be?

I admit that I was wrong.

The technique is simple and truly isn’t anything that I hadn’t heard before (or counseled other people about myself). But the process that it takes you through is so simple that it makes me actually feel silly for holding on to such a negative and incomplete thought. It’s almost as if this thought-technique is the culmination of many of the lessons and truths that I’ve been participating in for years. Now my next challenge is to make sure that I keep these ideas and principles forefront and not default to the child-like/ego driven thought process that’s become a habit.

If any of you want to participate in the Reset Your Life challenge, it’s definitely not too late. Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Visit Rosetta to sign up.


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