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sigh of relief

This morning, my ultrasound revealed 49 follicles. Yes, FORTY NINE. I’ll provide the breakdown below* Additionally, my RE halved my gonal-f dosage again down to 37.5 and cut the menopur altogether. The combination of results had me very sad because it felt like a repeat of my last cycle– too high estrogen, a bunch of follicles that usually signals poor quality, and lowering of dosages.

I’ve vowed to not google any of this because I want to practice being in the moment, but I did email my nurse coordinator this afternoon with my concerns. I told her I just wanted to get mentally prepared if this is indeed the case. Both she and my RE responded and I feel like I can finally sigh relief.

1- My estrogen levels aren’t nearly as high as they were the first time. They are in the low thousand range and are only increasing by hundreds instead of the doubling that I had before. Also, last time I was in the six thousands.. Yeah, huge difference.

2- My RE said that my estrogen is aligned to the number of follicles I have, and that it’s progressing beautifully. She said that while I’m high responding, I’m doing exactly what they’ve expected and have planned for. That’s why they are adjusting my dosage from the front end instead of doing so reactionary. Last time, they pulled me off meds altogether for 3 days when my follicles had gotten to 16. Now I’m close to that number but am still in a safe estrogen range.

3- Tonight LA began kissing my stomach. Very random. I had told her previously I was full and that’s why I didn’t want the chip she was offering me. She then turned and said “Mommy! (That’s A). Mama’s belly hurt!” A few minutes later she walked up to me when I was sitting on our stool and started rubbing my tummy, while her eyes were still on The Carebears (she randomly discovered that movie on netflix and has been hooked). It just seemed like she had some personal mission/understanding of what’s going on with my stomach and acted on it. A few minutes after that, she came up and rubbed it again and kissed it. Kids are the closest things we have to the spirit world, so I hope this is all a good sign.

Tomorrow I go back in for my daily monitoring. I hope I get the “go” to trigger on Friday or so. I also pray that this works.

*Right ovary: 5 follies @11mm, 7@12, 3@13, 8 less than 10. Left ovary: 2@11, 7@12, 3@13, 1@14, 13 less than 10.


4 comments on “sigh of relief

  1. Jess
    July 27, 2011

    I do believe the little ones have a special intuition- hoping she knows her little sister or brother is one step closer! Thinking of you!


  2. Cathy Witter
    July 28, 2011

    Yes, I agree that children are as close to that world that we ever get, so I too am hoping she senses something going on in there that will result in a brother or sister for her. Praying for you !


  3. sunnymama
    July 30, 2011

    Aww so sweet of Little A. Glad you have good news and sending best wishes for an awesome trigger and retrieval! Thanks for adding this to my linky and sharing hope! 🙂


  4. The Next Beyond
    August 1, 2011

    Here’s to our babies, born and unborn.


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