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I just came back from another ohss check before my transfer this morning. I got a huge vote of confidence from my RE and some news that I’m going to try really hard not to worry about.

The good news is that she said that I was a perfect responder (for an over-responder)– my estrogen climbed daily and I didn’t need to be pulled off meds due to too much response.She also shared that my embryos did not require ICSI to be fertilized; they were fertilized “naturally” (in a petri dish with sperm), so I’m happy about that.

She also said that my eggs were only so-so, but assured me that’s normal in PCOS/high responder patients. She said to not get caught up on whether they make it to freeze because they simply may not because of the iffy quality. She tried to assure me that it’s okay and fresh is best. I’m working on getting past that worry because for me that was the kiss of death last time.

Lastly she said I was a good candidate for a single embryo transfer. She worries that if I transfer two embryos and they both develop, that having having twins will cause me to hyperstimulate again necessitating 2 weeks of hospitalization to monitor. Given the quality of my eggs and that I may be have nothing leftover that’s a gamble I’m thinking about making.

I’ll be checking in for the transfer in a couple of hours.


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