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t minus 5 days

I can’t believe that it’s almost time to test. I can’t believe that this not-quite-two-week wait has gone so quickly. Whoever heard of a trying to conceive woman say THAT?

These past two weeks have been extremely busy. My job involves me working with schools to coach them around using data to inform instruction. So these past two weeks I’ve been at many schools- sometimes 2 a day- doing leader and teacher on-boarding. Two schools a day doesn’t seem that big of a deal, but for NYC where schools are spread from the Bronx to East New York, Brooklyn that involves a LOT of traveling– like 1.5 hour commute from home and between schools. Suffice it to say, time has not been passing slowly.

Still, I’m still going through the constant “am I” or “am I not.” Even though I’m not stressed about it this time around (because frankly, I’ve been there with the worst already), I can’t help but notice and analyze every IPS (Imaginary Pregnancy Syndrome).

So without further ado, here they are complete with my vacillating analyses. TMI ALERT: A LOT OF DISCUSSION ABOUT BODILY FUNCTIONS AND SECRETIONS. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

1- constipation– This started about Sunday. Last time I thought that it could have been due to the prenatals, but the night before I got my negative from previously-positive pregnancy test, the constipation completely stopped. This time I know it’s not the prenatals because I’ve been on them for months. I know it’s not due to decreased water because I’m drinking almost a gallon a day which is more than my previous ZERO. I don’t think it’s the progesterone because I’ve been on it since the retrieval and the constipation didn’t start until 3 days post transfer.

2- slightly pinkish cervical mucous. On Saturday I thought I was having the beginnings of a yeast infection because of the irritating increase in cervical mucous. Sometimes I know it gets pinkish if you have a yeast infection and it gets kinda raw. But I never had the nasty itchiness or the rawness and it went away about a day or two ago.

3- excessive hunger. Not because I just have a taste for food, but more like I have a need for food. And if I don’t satisfy that hunger, I get headachy and shaky. Yesterday I ate 4 real meals (including spaghetti for breakfast) and still by bedtime at 9:40 I was STARVING. I woke up this morning so. damn. hungry. My hands were shaking and I needed something more than cereal. Usually I skip breakfast or have a Boost (yes, the old folks’ drink like Ensure. I have cases of them, yum). But starting about 3 days ago, I must eat food. To put this in context, I’m typically a Happy- Meal portion kinda girl and usually have about 2 meals a day.

4- Slightly enhanced sense of smell, but not like before where I could only eat white rice. So that’s a ding against pregnancy syndrome.

5- Alternating soreness in breasts– not like how they were before the retrieval though my progesterone levels came back normal on Monday.

6- I had a nagging headache for two days. Nothing major, but persistent. However, I think it’s because LA has been waking up in the middle of the night like she works the swing shift.

Other Signs

7- I woke A up in the middle of the night because I had a nightmare. She held me and rubbed my belly until she put herself to sleep. She has no memory of this.

8- LA took to kissing my belly around the time of my retrieval. Though she’s a sweet (and feisty) child, she has never done this before.

9- I had a wonderful dream 2 nights ago about a 3 year old LA and a little boy. The rest of the night consisted of many similar type dreams.

10- Baby Ha.wk sent me a newsletter yesterday telling me about new fabrics for their baby carriers. I haven’t gotten an update from them since ’09

So there you have it, a much calmer, albeit present two week wait roller-coaster rundown.

OH YEAH, if you’ve made it this far I’m pleased to announce that I have NO home pregnancy tests in the house, nor do I have plans to get any. I think I deserve a badge for that.

Here’s to Monday..

ETA: My wife A noticed this other symptom one in me— I’M HOT. Not in sexy (though I like to pretend that I am), but as in “is this air conditioner working???” i feel like I live in a perpetual hot box– it’s not humid but the a/c is on and I still am not feeling coolness. Usually I hate AC and sometimes  (all the time) wear my snuggie when it’s blowing. Now, it blows and I still feel like someone has a wood brick oven in the kitchen.


2 comments on “t minus 5 days

  1. Jess
    August 11, 2011

    Sounds like very promising symptoms to me! And yes, you deserve a badge of will power for holding out on the home pregnancy test! Hoping you get the good news you deserve on Monday!


  2. *clapping furiously* I am so proud of you for the EPT’s, it won’t be long now and truthfully I remember many of those symptoms oh so well, so it does indeed sound promising.


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