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Non pc post

I’m warning you now. If you’re sensitive to PC-ness, now is the time to leave.

I work with urban schools and today I was leaving one of my school sites. I just left the local mcdonald’s moments ago (I’m on a budget and it was near the train station).

The behavior I just witnessed by students hanging out there truly repulsed me and I am terrified that because we live within 20 miles of this place and share the same skin colors that general NYC (and national) public will judge my daughter the same way I’m judging those kids.

The vile cursing, invasions of personal place, body parts visible because of ill-colored undergarments, rudeness, manipulation of their “friends” and general lack of home training is absolutely disgusting.

I don’t feel like leaning on the argument that they don’t know any better bc damn near everyone in a 20 block radius behaves the same way. Racism and class can’t be an explanation because we descend from people of dignity. The schools can only do so much to show other possibilities.

All I can think of is how far I want my daughter away from this shit. I’m under no pretenses that the burbs don’t have their problems. Too many of my classmates in Jr high and high school went on “vacations” (drug treatment centers, psych wards, etc). But this can’t be life.



One comment on “Non pc post

  1. msjboogie
    October 2, 2011

    Some of our people have lost our damn way and are headed nowhere quick, fast, and in a hurry. Home training, parenting, and a$$ wuppins’ are a thing of the past.


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