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new direction

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over these past few weeks about the direction of this blog and the direction of my life. Many of you have been with me since the beginning of this blog (2008!!) when it started off as a chronicle of trying to conceive. You may have noticed the ebbs and flow of topics- when I’m actively in a cycle, every single post is about some nuance in this frazzled fertility landscape. Every heart ache spurred some cosmic/spiritual reflection trying to make sense of it all. And in between there were glimpses of my “real” life.

At this crossroad where ttc isn’t my life or even the scale by which I measure it, I wonder how this blog will change or if I should start over elsewhere. Then I read this article by the esteemed teacher Deepak Chopra. He discusses how the world is evolving from dualism to non-dual consciousness. In short, we are moving from this knowing of the world as separate physical and spiritual/mental to one that “which traces reality back to mind and beyond mind to the very potential for mind.” That what we think informs what we call reality. That spirituality isn’t some convenient thing we call on when the physical is in trouble.

I am also reminded about the name of this blog and of my first tattoo. Liberty. My thoughts, my life, my physical are here to better understand this connection between mind and body. In THAT is true liberty.

So this means I’ll be staying for a while, grappling with my theories and ideas of freedom and how that manifests and interacts in my physical life. You’ll see a lot fewer updates about trying to conceive. You’ll see a lot more about my growth in Spirit. You may see pieces about fitness and health. You’ll see a lot more of me.

In liberation,





7 comments on “new direction

  1. VinyRenee
    January 9, 2012

    I’m excited to read where you are going. 🙂


  2. laniza
    January 9, 2012

    I’m excited too; I always thought that was where your greatest strengths lie; you are an amazing spiritual teacher–never forget that!


    • liberationtheory
      January 10, 2012

      Laniza, that resonated with my core. You have no idea. THANK YOU!


  3. Veronique (Wiz)
    January 10, 2012

    I am so ready to see where your spiritual mind may take us. I have followed you for a long time and was sad if you decided to leave. I am excited….I may never know who is listening and what they may get out of your thoughts…Keep it flowing..



    • liberationtheory
      January 10, 2012

      I must THANK YOU for sticking with me so long. I hope that you like this new direction and continue to read and leave feedback 🙂


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