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winks and coincidence

I’ve never believed in coincidence. Ever.

Instead the knowing in me believes that coincidence is Divine’s way of making us pay attention– to both Divinity itself and to the situation that seems happenstance. There’s even a book called When God Winks, and right before starting this post, I found the book that I borrowed 3+years ago from JaChel on my bookshelf, and perhaps this is a signal that I should read it soon. But I think the “winks” that happened today have greater meaning.

I spent today traipsing around the city with a colleague from our Boston office. We were checking out potential venues for a big event that we’re putting on in March. The first place was a small museum that wasn’t quite open, but the desk attendant buzzed us in as we had an appointment. We exchanged that “do I know you from somewhere” look, but continued with the formalities. All the while, I could hear this woman’s voice in my head from some conversation I thought we had in the past but I still couldn’t place her face nor remember the content of the conversation. Finally she asked if I lived in Brooklyn because I looked so familiar to her. I told her I didn’t, but I had the same feeling. We brushed it off as just a strange coincidence, and she calls the woman who is to show us around the space.

While waiting, my colleague asks the woman if she worked at my alma mater. The woman confirmed she had. Then my colleague asked about my specific college I attended for grad school. She affirmed that she had, and then she remembered me. She said that she would have spent all day trying to remember how she knew me because she couldn’t let the feeling go. She asked about LA and we exchanged pleasantries and that was it. Even now, I have no idea why my colleague thought to ask her if she worked at my university.

Still the feeling we had a longer conversation persisted. Later in the day, I remembered who she was. She was the desk attendant in this post that reminded me that sometimes all people need is a touch or an apology so that they can release the anger they are feeling. Those simple words made such an impact and it’s remarkable that I ran into her again today.

I’m not quite sure what the Divine purpose was for me running into her again, but I’m sure that time will tell. Maybe it’s not for me, but for you.


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