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Think On This

“Romance is about the possibility of things. You see it’s about the time between when you first meet some fine woman and when you first make love to her. And when you first ask a woman to marry you and when she says I do. When people that have been together for a long time say the romance is gone, what they’re really saying is that they’ve exhausted the possibility.”    — Darius Lovehall, Love Jones


5 comments on “Think On This

  1. Autumn
    January 23, 2012

    I knew where that quote was from before I finished the first sentence. 🙂 I almost bought the soundtrack today while I was supposed to be searching for something else. Gotta cop that soon… and the movie.

    Peace and love to you and your beautiful ladies.


    • liberationtheory
      January 23, 2012

      More and more this movie is becoming the scrip of my life. I just rewatched it over the holidays and it resonated so much this time.


  2. Autumn
    January 23, 2012

    I watched it twice last month. It came on early one day and I stayed up extra late to watch it again. I love the urgency of their reconnection in the end. When they were in one space, they allowed their union to become stagnant with the uncertainty of silence. Silence because they had so much to share, to work through and to cultivate, yet that fear of being hurt and misunderstood drove them to seek solace in a place of neglected hope and regret. In the end, the possibilities of where their love could take them overcame the fear.

    Love it!


    • liberationtheory
      January 23, 2012

      Ooh I can’t wait for you to read my follow up thoughts bc this is so in sync. Now I want to watch it again-I have the DVD and soundtrack!


    • Autumn
      January 23, 2012

      I’m getting them before the end of the week. I may even throw in “Inkwell.” *rubs hands excitedly* I’m looking forward to reading your followup.


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