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Cycle Day 1

I’m 90% sure that I am not going to be writing about ttc, infertility, fertility, etc anymore. But I did want to share that. that is all 🙂

I will also say that I’m loving my body more and more. On the first, I started my 30 day challenge with yogo and that little beginning 10 minute video was challenging. It was even more humbling to see my not-quite-3 year old go through the routine like it was second nature and her spirit had been doing it every day in heaven before this earth. I didn’t do any work out yesterday because what I thought was the flu but ended up being allergies kicked my ASS. But today the sun is shining, the clouds have cleared, and this Claritin is working like a charm.

So I’ll take Mother Nature’s flow as a reminder that all is right with my body and salute the sun.


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