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Epiphany in 2 Parts

Part I

I know I’m in a rut when

… I don’t feel like being around people. People annoy me.

… I don’t want to talk. I shut down and stop communicating.

… I feel like I’m not living up to my “shoulds.”

… I focus on every single thing that’s not working in my life, no matter how disproportionate it is to the joys and successes.

… I eat a lot of carbs.

…I am angry, even if it’s not demonstrative.

… I’m not motivated to go to church or read or write.

… I feel resentful.

…I feel like I have nothing to contribute.

…I feel used up and taken for granted.

Part II


… Doctors not being able to heal me is a push for me to heal myself. Maybe it’s a sign that this is the lesson I am to learn.

…Things are always better than they seem.

.. Energy and issues in my relationship stem from me not putting that same energy into myself. When I take the focus off my relationship and onto myself, things seem to improve.

… Activities that allow me to be in a zone when I’m purely feeling and not thinking (processing) raise my energy and vibration levels. These include prayer, exercise, deep breathing, meditation, sex, being in nature/outdoors.


2 comments on “Epiphany in 2 Parts

  1. C.D. Beatrice Clay
    June 26, 2012

    Ah, you know I know the land of Part I well. Amen for the land of Part II! I’ve been musing about my “happy list” and will hopefully share it on the blog in the morning, but your final comment is exactly the kind of list that I think everyone should have. Write a list of everything that makes you deliriously happy and fills you with peace and do more of each and everything on your list. If I were you, I would start with the fun stuff like breathing, being in nature/outdoors and of course SEX! Lol. I am so happy you are back on the blog. I check it every day hoping to hear from you. I’ve come to rely a lot on your words – think on this, pieces of her and all around wisdom. Remember that “List Yourself” book I blogged about several weeks ago, remind me to send you some prompts….I think some listing will help right around now 


    • liberationtheory
      June 26, 2012

      Send away!! Keesha gave me a gentle nudge to this post. She said that one thing YOU do when you’re in a rut is write about it. I had already composed these two lists this morning but that encouraged me to share 🙂


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