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Authentically Me 4- Drawing Inspiration

There’s something about telling the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth that inspires me, that frees me. A night of tearful admissions to my wife about my depression plus my previous post where I admitted that I’m still struggling with the grief of infertility lifted a giant burden from my heart. I feel a lightness that’s been missing for a while. I’m not going to jinx it, but I’ll take it how I can get it.

There have been other founts of inspiration last week that give me hope and tools for being authentically me.  They are a great way for me to start my week and I hope you enjoy them to. Check them out here:

1. Gratitude This is the overarching theme of CD’s blog. I’m always shouting her out, not just because she’s a fellow curvy brown girl trying to make sense of our journeys, but because in the face of all her vulnerabilities and seeking, she makes space to encourage others on their journey. This month she’s mapping out steps for us readers to create a beautiful life. I’m following along by tweeting and journaling (with real pen and paper!) my responses. Try it. You won’t be sorry.

2. What Inspires You? Harlow Project asks beautiful black women this very question and their answers are inspiration in themselves. It’s easy for us to think about our fears, angst, shortcomings, and vulnerabilities. How often do we think about what inspires us? Positivity brings forth more of the same, and I’m pushing myself to ponder this question myself. Who knows. I might just follow up with a video, a medium I haven’t tried yet!

3. Frank Ocean. In case you don’t follow R&B or the “urban” music scene, you may have not have heard that this beautiful artist revealed that his first love was a man. Not only is this groundbreaking for this generation’s music scene, the purity and love in his words are transcendental. The raw emotion and purity of his love is breath-taking and reminds me find the center of it all, to forget labels and rules, and just revel in the honesty of the moment.

This is my list. What’s on your list? Don’t have one. Quick, hurry up and jot it down now! Feel free to share below, too.



2 comments on “Authentically Me 4- Drawing Inspiration

  1. C.D. Beatrice Clay
    July 9, 2012

    1) Of course YOU! You’re writing a book and sharing it with us every week! It’s something I am building up the courage to do. The blank page scars me and writing “dialogue” forget about it. Seeing how you craft together characters with real life issues is definitely nudging me closer to sitting my brown self down and have it.

    2) The writings of Danielle Laporte. Most recently her piece “What Do You Call Yourself?” via http://thedailylove.com/what-do-you-call-yourself/. The clincher “ Your soul deserves accuracy” WHOA. I proudly added “writer” and “artist” to my twitter bio. I am way more than a blogger for sure.

    3) My #BLMgirls and #forabeautiful life tribe. It’s nice to be a part of a community of woman using their time and talents to create beautiful lives on their own terms.



    • liberationtheory
      July 9, 2012

      I’m loving this list!!!! I’m going to have to check out Danielle LaPorte more. I’m slowly gathering my list of daily reads and you guess who’s on mine? YOU


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