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Authentically Me- Think On This

An excerpt from James Redfield’s The Tenth Insight, a follow-up book to The Celestine Prophecy. In this part, the character Maya ponders why she was born to a mother who was chronically ill, yet passive about her health. Her father was medically brilliant, yet aloof and distant.

Source: bestplaceworld.com via Aleia on Pinterest

At first I wondered why I would be born to a father who behaved like that. But I finally accepted the fact that my parents had the exact combination of traits and interests to inspire my own evolution. That’s why I wanted to be with them in my early life. Looking at my mother, I knew that each of us must take responsibility for our own healing. We can’t just turn it over to others. Healing in its essence is about breaking through the fears associated with life—fears that we don’t want to face—and finding our own special inspiration, a vision of the future, that we know we’re here to help create.’


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