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Authentically Me 11- Pride

CD may have forgotten that almost a month ago she gave me a writing challenge. (Okay, truth moment- I’m sure she remembered but was patiently waiting for me to be ready.) She knew I was spiraling in depression that manifested into writer’s block. She supplied me a list of lists (a woman after my own heart) and challenged me to write SOMETHING.

I’m in a much better place (meds, exercise + love), but haven’t quite figured out how to carve out time for both writing AND exercise (Insanity Day 8, go me!). So today’s authentic moment is in the form of a list.

Source: thisnicelife.blogspot.com via Aleia on Pinterest

List the Possessions You’re the Proudest Of

1. My wedding ring. For me it symbolizes the epitome of commitment and hard work. It symbolizes hope, love, and trust. It symbolizes the growth that my wife and I have made over these 5+ years.

2. My car. I’m proud of it because it is a car that I truly, truly wanted, and I completely manifested it down to the price. I’m proud of it because it reflects good credit and a thoughtful decision. I’m proud of it because it has a Bose stereo system.

3. My degrees. While they may not keep me warm at night, they symbolize endurance and commitment. They both symbolize me reaching for my highest dreams and a complete leap of faith because I didn’t think I was “good enough” to get into those schools (they are both an undergrad and a graduate college of the same institution). They symbolize two times in my life where I packed up everything I owned, drove across country, and never looked back. They symbolize returning to the place I’ve called home for almost 17 years.

4. My sneakers. Right now I am proud that I’m putting them to use after five years of dormancy. Sure, they may have been dusted off a time or two each year, but this past week they have seen the work out of their lives. I have successfully made it to week 2 of Insanity. I’m insane for doing this.

5. My journals. I have a collection of journals from the past 21 years. These journals symbolize the bravery it takes to give voice to one’s deepest fears, joys, passions, lusts, and truths. They also symbolize the seeds of my writing talents.

Your challenge: What are the possessions you are the proudest of? List, comment, blog, and link me.


4 comments on “Authentically Me 11- Pride

  1. C.D.Beatrice Clay
    July 23, 2012

    Here’s my list:

    1) oh, my vintage tiffany style hanging lamp. it was my first large antique purchase. i can’t wait to move next month so i can hang it!

    2) my cameras: 3 vintage polaroids, 1 vintage 35mm and 1 DSLR. photography allows me to tell stories in another way. polaroids specifically, connect me to my grandmother, Beatrice Clay. I have all her old polaroid pics of me and my siblings too!

    3) my journals, the full ones and blank ones. I love notebooks! I have a trove of them, some gifted to me years ago that I haven’t gotten around to using just yet.

    4) my handspun and hand-dyed yarn + my spinning wheel. i spin and dye my own yarn from sheep’s wool i buy on the internet LOL. I haven’t knit anything with it because so much labor and love went into making it. I just put the yarn in a basket and show it off.



    • liberationtheory
      July 23, 2012

      This is such a beautiful list and it shows how much of an artist you are.


  2. C.D.Beatrice Clay
    July 23, 2012

    Oh, I FORGOT ABOUT MY BOOK…my sixtences on LOVE were published in a book. It’s on my shelf; will be blogging this tomorrow homie 🙂


  3. liberationtheory
    July 24, 2012

    Yes!! I can’t wait to see it.


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