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Don’t Sell Yourself Out

Source: emilyley.com via Aleia on Pinterest


There are so many ways that we dishonor ourselves. Even when we think the rewards are worth it, what does it really mean when you are willing to sell yourself out? Oh, I’m not just calling you out. Lord knows I’m facing my truth left and right. Tears have a way of clearing your vision.

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5 comments on “Don’t Sell Yourself Out

  1. Autumn
    November 13, 2012

    “Why have you sold her down the river, for a hat and a parking space?”

    Diggin’ deep…


  2. That whole “hat and a parking space” read was something serious to me! I never thought of it that way. Though we may not realize it, we dishonor ourselves each time we live outside of our truth. This was definitely a reminder to me to be genuine and true to myself at all times! (everyday I’m learning and working on this)

    Thanks for the reminder, A!


    • liberationtheory
      November 15, 2012

      Isn’t it so simple when we look at it objectively? I’m with you. My mission is to live in and of my truth. I’m excited.


    • Autumn
      November 16, 2012

      “we dishonor ourselves each time we live outside of our truth”

      Yes, it’s a journey getting to the truth. Often times, we are blind to the truth until we fall. Dishonor of self is a way of life until that wonderful moment when eyes are pried open.


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