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Healing: Part 9-Your Healing Basket

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So far, I’ve learned two things on this journey. One is that to get through this, you can NOT control the path you take.  I’ve had the tendency to think that if I took certain actions, read certain books, or worked over a certain amount of time, I would get the reward of being healed. Instead, I’ve learned that the magic is in the process and letting go of control of the outcomes. If you take the time to make sure that your life is aligned to your core values, knowing that your world and reality will reflect where you place your energy, then God will take care of the “how” with your healing.

To that end, you have to use your core values to build your “healing basket.” What are the things that resonate with the essence of you, the You that is there when everything else falls away, the you that sustains you and to which you return when you lose your way?

I know that I have a pattern of overlooking my values in exchange for the gratification of feeling wanted. To do a new thing, I must return to the root of who I am and what I value in order to discover the practices that I need to sustain myself, not only through this healing but as an anchor for how I live my life. At my core, I am a spiritual being that values my relationship with and guidance from God. In my healing basket, I have prayer, a LOT of it. I have my writing, and I have meditation. I am rekindling honest and consistent relationships with friends and making decisions about spending time with my families.

What would go in your healing basket? How does that reflect the world you wish to have reflected back to you?


3 comments on “Healing: Part 9-Your Healing Basket

  1. uniikleemeeh
    January 25, 2013

    For me my pattern has been trying to please many others before pleasing myself. I have recently found myself finding myself speaking to GOD more and staying positive. The law of attraction states you attract what you feel, think, or perhaps even speak. I choose to live my life being happy, with less regrets as possible, knowing that I gave my all. Great read


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