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Healing: Part 14- Faith Without Works

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Let’s face it. Most of us know we should work on healing, but in all honesty, it doesn’t feel like a priority. I get it. We have too much to do in order to keep the wheels on the bus. We have our jobs, our kids, our mates, our parents, our church, and a myriad of other commitments.

Healing is the ultimate commitment to yourself and to your faith in God. When you prioritize healing, you are acting on the understanding that God created a unique expression in you and that unique creation is worth honoring.

Yesterday, I had you brainstorm some ideas of what you could do to be honest, authentic, and present with yourself so that you can set a foundation for healing. Today, I want you to actually make a plan.

Step 1– Take out yesterday’s brainstorming or create a new list of the things you will consider doing to be committed to your healing. Use the questions from yesterday to guide your thinking.

Step 2– Circle three things from that list that will be your non-negotiables. These are the things you will do no matter how hard or scary they are. Note: Set yourself up for success by choosing an easy one, a medium one, and a hard one.

Step 3– For each goal, break down the steps necessary to achieve it. For example, one of my commitments is to spend more time with friends. In order to do that, I have to initiate phone calls (and not texts!!), invite friends to dinner or lunch, etc.

Step 4– After you have all the steps, put them on a calendar. Be realistic and try weekly or bi-weekly increments. No lie, I have weekly reminders that Siri reminds me of on Sundays.

Step 5– Get a check-in buddy to support you through this journey. It has to be someone  with whom you can risk being vulnerable. This is the person with whom you can talk, vent, reflect, cry, and laugh.

How did that feel? You should be proud of yourself for taking one more step to YOU.

[Title reference “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2: 26]


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