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Healing: Wrap Up and Gratitude

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It’s Thursday already, and the time has flown since my last post about Exploring Healing. Besides hopping on various planes to solidify some upcoming changes, I’ve been really reflecting on this past month.

1-      Final thoughts on healing: Healing isn’t on any one’s timeline. It’s a consistent practice in self-love, getting to the root of our thinking, and practicing equal parts gentleness and directness with our Selves. Sometimes the work is messy and frustrating, but when you focus deliberately on it, it will be so very rewarding. I am happy that though my journey is in the beginning stages, I’m so much clearer about who I am and the beauty that is life.

2-      Gratitude: I have so very much to be grateful for. Focusing on gratitude is not an attempt to pretend that everything is daisies and sunshine nor an attempt to be guilty about struggle and pain, but instead gratitude is an appreciation that healing, self-care, authenticity, and an anchor in our divinity will result in the ultimate good.

So what am I grateful for today?

  • I’m grateful for clarity and an ability to scrape away my intentions and get to the heart of the matter of what I’m thinking and feeling. It’s not easy at all, but I’m grateful for the continual practice.
  • I’m grateful for those very special people in my life who bring out my best self. As someone who has struggled with not feeling good enough and worried about which facets of myself I show, it is so liberating and validating to know that there are people who support my complete, authentic self. And liberating to know that I took that chance to put it out there.
  • I am grateful for my world reflecting back to me what I value. The more I love, heal, be bold, and have grace, the more opportunities come up to validate that.

That’s where my head is today, completely in reflection mode. I’m not sure what my theme for February is going to be, but you can expect a potpourri of thoughts at least three times a week! Stay tuned 🙂


2 comments on “Healing: Wrap Up and Gratitude

  1. JoGoldie (@jo_goldie)
    February 7, 2013

    bliss – daily foot bath


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