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On Water, Sistergirls, and Milo


It’s Friday or post-Scandal-day in my own little world. This Friday found me up before dawn, walking my fluffy dog Milo*, and surprisingly energetic for a week with no coffee (or soda or milk or tea or juice or any beverage that’s not water). It also found me in deep contemplation about the notion of friendship. I polled four of my sistergirls about their definition of a best friend, and they shared qualities that reflect what I value in my girls:

  • Reflects your essential core values
  • Has seen you at your lowest and ugliest
  • Is your cheerleader and gladiator
  • Mutual designates you as “friend” or “best friend”
  • You feel comfortable and welcome to be your complete self
  • They know intimately what’s going on in my life before the rest of the world gets the sanitized version
  • You know their real fears
  • They call you on your shit and vice versa
  • You trust them carte-blanche with your child

There’s no way I could be in the place I am now without my closest girls (and one boy) and the elite among them.

I’m not the only one pondering the value of sisterhood. Kimberley McLeod, creator and editor of Elixher.com, shares her thoughts about the incredible bond between women in her article Our Sisters’ Keeper. A snippet:

This sistership is something that mutually feeds. When you genuinely believe in it and intentionally practice it, it sustains you in amazing ways. It was something I lacked and yearned years ago.

I pray that for you this Friday is the beginning of a weekend full of joy, connection, reflection, and celebration. Mine will be as I kick it off with my girls! And coffee.

*Every time my daughter introduces herself to people, she gives her full name (middle name included) and has the tagline “and I have a fluffy dog. His name is Milo.” It doesn’t matter if she’s met you thirty times, the tagline will be there. Additionally, she will find a way to fit him into her affirmations and gratitude in Sunday School every single week. I love that kid.


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    March 22, 2013



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