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Kanye will let me finish, but first the top 10 of all time

In honor of my 5in30, I went back and looked at the posts that received the most views. When I look at them they are truly representative of how these five years have shifted and transformed. Take a look

1. Why Lesbians Marry (February 2012): I find it interesting that this is my most popular post. I suspect this one got a lot of hits after I expanded this post into an article on Elixher. This post’s popularity represents me living up to a goal of mine, to be a published writer.

2- 12 dpo/cd 27 update.. the saga continues (May 2008): This post represents my very first month of trying to conceive. I was so hopeful and committed to perfecting getting pregnant. I have learned so much since then, including the lesson of surrender.

3- Authentically Me Day 3- Lessons for Infertility (July 2012): In this post, I told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about how dealing infertility called me to the mat. It made me confront all my feelings and assumptions about motherhood and self-worth.

4- Clarity (August 2011): How foreboding was this one? In twelve simple words it sized up all of the challenges of the past few years.

5- update: labor (March 2009): This was such a magical day. The heavens and angels were conspiring in our favor preparing the way for our miracle to come.

6- Introducing little A (March 2009): My life completely changed from this day. I became a mother.

7- Coming Clean: In Honor of Audre (February 2013): This was the day I decided to tell my readers the truth of what’s been going on, my pending divorce.

8- Authentically Me 8- T minus 2 days (July 2012): The Authentically Me series was one of my favorites to write. This post marked the beginning of my commitment to my body, away from poking and prodding it and trying to make it a baby machine.

9- a humongous, lengthy update (July 2008): Such a whirlwind of emotions and events. We had just found out A was pregnant with LA, I was still trying to conceive, and I was dealing with less than welcoming at the time in-laws.

10-  4 dpo- mystery solved? (July 2008): Another one where I was trying to understand what was going on with my body while I was trying to conceive. I have no idea why this was such a popular one, but perhaps one day I’ll be back on that saddle again. Maybe.

If you’ve been reading for a while (or even a week), what was your favorite post? Chime in below.

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3 comments on “Kanye will let me finish, but first the top 10 of all time

  1. laniza
    April 20, 2013

    Clarity is real.


  2. Reflections of Autumn
    April 20, 2013

    Hmmm, I don’t know if I have a favorite. The essence of your entire blog is revealing on different levels. I enjoy reading it all. It is a collage of your growth and journey and I am glad to have been on the ride all these years.

    *laughs* You know, I started as a lurker. My, how time has past.


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