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8 Intentions: Commitment, Confidence, and Honor


In her January 2013 newsletter, Beatrice Clay talks about intentions as ways of being, rather than goals to cross of a list. Both intentions and goals are important, but when you swing the pendulum too far towards a task sheet, it can create anxiety, pressure, and a focus on completion. It’s kind of like the dance between spirituality and religion, chicken or egg. Spirit-filled beings are who we are and religion is what we do to develop our spiritual oneness with God. Our spiritual selves inform and enrich our religion- ritual, language, and practices. But ritual, language, and practice alone aren’t our spirituality. In the same way, intentions inform our goals and enrich our human experience. Yet our truest Self isn’t a compilation of titles, accomplishments, or procured goods.

Who do I intend to be this year?

I intend to honor my craft as a writer.

I intend to prioritize my spiritual development.

I intend to esteem myself and honor my body.

I intend to lead fearlessly, confidently, and boldly.

I intend to follow through on my commitments.

I intend to speak and demonstrate my love for my daughter, my sweetheart, my family, and friends.

I intend to be confident, calm, and present.

I intend to speak my thoughts and feelings.


In 2014, I will be a force to reckon with.





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