l.i.b.e.r.a.t.i.o.n. theory

love, life, and the pursuit of liberation




  1. Listening… to Beyonce’s “Partition” in my head. Those lyrics perfectly describe my inner vixen. I’m debating whether to actually turn that song on as I work or will other thoughts flood my mind.
  2. Eating… nothing. Coffee is my breakfast. See the next item.
  3. Drinking… Starbucks Grande Breve Vanilla Misto. It’s fancy-talk for coffee with steamed milk added.
  4. Wearing… wouldn’t you like to know.. Psyche! A pair of 18-year-old pajama pants (not for 18 year olds, but I’ve had them for the past 18 years) that are 3 sizes too big. An equally large t-shirt, and an oversized sweatshirt.
  5. Feeling… motivated and alert. See #3.
  6. Weather… crisp yet sunny. My apartment has large windows that face east, so I’m awakened bright and early. Again, see #3.
  7. Wanting… my work to be finished so I can get to more fun stuff for the day.
  8. Needing… that’s grown-up business. See #1.
  9. Thinking… I can be Beyonce’s friend or a famous author.
  10. Enjoying… solitude.

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