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Foto Friday: Move Over Oprah, My Favorite Things

Since 2002 Oprah has been wowing audiences and changing the face of business with her annual list of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Now her reign is over. Move over Lady O as I announce my favorite things.

Oprah's Favorite Things, Oprah,  Starbucks, Apple, Macbook Pro, parenting, daughter, Oprah


Meet My Computer, Delores

Yes, she has a name. I’ve been an Apple fan since way back in the mid 80s when Apple IIe’s were the rage. (I grew up in Silicon Valley, I couldn’t help it!) I only used PC’s for a brief stint in undergrad and my earliest years teaching. I’ve been #TeamMac since 2004 and I highly doubt I will ever leave. Delores is my newest Mac baby. In case you’re wondering, I was inspired to name her after meeting BC’s baby Betty.

Mason Jar Iced Coffee

At the top left, there is my rendition of Starbucks Iced Coffee. Confession- I spend WAY too much money at CrackStarbucks so this month I’m on a mission to limit my $5 beverages to once a week. To make this yummy dupe, I brewed Starbucks French Roast at home with 12 tablespoons to the 6 cup marker on a regular old Hamilton Beach coffee maker. (My Keurig single cup maker wouldn’t work for this). Then I divided the liquid into mason jars to chill overnight. Next morning, I added some vanilla classic sweetener, plain rice milk, a touch of vanilla creamer and some ice. Voila! Deeeeelish iced coffee.

Two Peas in a Pod

When my gf and I started dating, we did all the typical getting to know you stuff. Checked to make sure each other wasn’t crazy. Made sure that we weren’t going to be on episodes of MTV’s Catfish. Interviewed friends to get the scoop. (Think I’m playin’??) However we knew we were meant to be when we discovered that we both liked peas. She gifted me with this beautiful reminder and I wear it almost daily.

My Daughter, My “High Place”*

This little lady is last on my list but first in my heart. She is the reason why I push through each day and the reason why I’ve made tough decisions. She inspires me to be my best self. I live each day hoping to be an example of a fierce, authentic, graceful, spiritual, healthy woman. I know that my decisions may not jive with many, but I walk purposefully knowing that she is watching my every move. I want to be a woman she is proud of.

Now top that, Oprah!

*That is one of the meaning of my daughter’s name

Photo Credit: LiberationTheory (c) 2014


One comment on “Foto Friday: Move Over Oprah, My Favorite Things

  1. You are indeed a woman that your daughter will be proud to call her mom!


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